Monday, 20 May 2024

PRIVATE FUNCTION @ Blah Blah 16/05/2024 [ITA]

punk, the real one that is very reminiscent of the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, with a band arriving from faraway Australia for their European tour. That of Private Function is a punk played in the space of just under an hour complete with mosh pits in the audience and stage diving, with Chris Penney, singer of the band, diving from the stage towards the audience to be brought back in triumph towards the stage. Private Function are undoubtedly one of the wildest bands on the Australian music scene and, as they release their third album '370HSSV 0773H', it's abundantly clear that Private Function are still at the top of their game when it comes to the punk scene. On August 16, 2019, the group released their debut studio album titled “St. Anger” with both the title and artwork replicating Metallica’s album of the same name. In June 2020, the group announced the release of their second studio album “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. The album debuted at number 9 on the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) charts. Curiosity of this album was that 50 copies of the album allegedly contained actual bags of cocaine enclosed during printing. In July 2021, the group announced the compilation of their first EPs titled “The First Two Tapes On a 12”. In February 2023, the band announced the release of their third studio album, “370HSSV 0773H,” via their own label Still On Top Records. The album was preceded by the singles "I'm This Far Away (From Being the Worst Person You've Ever Met)" and "Seize and Destroy". The first 3000 vinyl copies of the album featured a scratch-off cover. The winner's cover revealed three matching icons, and its owner won a signed proof of the album, $2999 in cash, and a photo of his face printed on all future pressings of the album. The band also released a vinyl variant of the album filled with band members' urine, limited to 50 copies. The album debuted at number 11 on the ARIA charts. The concert in Turin opened with the song “Jusavinageez”, the first track of their latest work, the mosh pit among the audience is already at its maximum and here we start with “I Dunno What I'm Doing Anymore” followed by “No hat , no play" and so on with other successes of the band between mosh pits and stage diving up to the Abba cover "SOS". Closing the concert was the song "Duct tape" taken from the 2017 album "Rock in Roll". A concert lasting just under an hour, but with a tremendous amount of energy among the audience and musicians.
Monday, 20 May 2024


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