Monday, 20 May 2024

CROHM @ Aosta [ITA] Report

guest Black Phantom Cold spring evening on May 5th in Aosta for the presentation of the latest work by Aosta Valley metalheads CROHM. The location chosen for the event is the Multipurpose Hall of the Ida Desandrè Library with a stage large enough to play. Opening the evening were the Milanese Black Phantom, also returning from the publication of their latest work "Horror Paradise" released this year on the Punishment 18 Records label. The Black Phantom is a traditional heavy metal band born in Milan and formed by veterans of the metal scene. The band was formed in 2016, following a break from Mesmerize, a band to which three-fifths of the lineup and the main composer Andrea Tito belong. Their performance saw them present songs taken from their works and immediately as soon as they went on stage they started with the rhythm of "Redemption" a song taken from their 2020 "Zero hour is now" followed by "Hordes Of Destruction" also taken from same album. From the new album “War of tanks”, “Sammy the Elf” and “Beast on the loose” were performed. Closing their gig is their workhorse which gives its name to the band “Black Phantom” taken from “Better Beware!” of 2017. Quick change of stage and here is CROHM taking to the stage to present their latest album “King of nothing” in a live version. The songs from their work are offered to us with a different setlist from the order of the CD and we start immediately with "Sacred freedom" followed by "Road to Paradise", "Single frame" and on with the other songs. Excellent presentation of the songs by singer Sergio Fiorani. CROHM were the first Heavy Metal group formed in Valle d'Aosta way back in 1985. They made their debut with “Quake” on 5 February 1986, performing in a series of regional concerts and recording “Quake” and “A Long Day Begun” included in the disc “AO0002”. After 26 years, there was a reunion and in 2015 the first CD "Legend and prophecy" was released, consisting of 9 'historical' songs with the collaboration of Vincenzo Zitello (Celtic harp and flute), Milo Molteni (violin) and Serena Costenaro ( cello), recorded and mixed by Momo Riva at the TdE Studio. In June they won the final of the “We Wanna Rock” contest at the Rock'n'Roll in Rho (MI). In 2016 they celebrated their 'Heavy Birthday' 30 years after their debut with a concert full of guests and their song "Insatiable" earned first place out of 133 bands in the Single Charts contest organized by Strane Officine in collaboration with Rock'n'Roll Radio that includes it in its programming for a month. Since their reunion, CROHM have held many live shows in Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland, sharing the stage with the Italian bands Anewrage, Alteria, Wolfsinger, Black Phantom, DGM, Folkstone and international bands Mägo de Oz ( E), Operation Blockhead (CH), Frozen Sword (CH), Dee Calhoun (USA), Raven (UK) and Hatchet (USA). The evening was an excellent success for both bands to whom I wish a path full of well-deserved successes.
Monday, 20 May 2024


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