Friday, 10 May 2024

METAL WORKS FEST 2024 [ITA] - Report

edition of the Metal Works Fest with bands from Piedmont and Germany: Airborn (Heavy/Power Metal - Turin) Elvenpath (Power Metal - Germany) Iron Jaws (Speed Metal - Asti) Eregion (Power/Folk Metal - Turin) M49 (Heavy Blues - Turin) Opening the evening were the Torinesi M49, a heavy blues band as they call themselves and who replaced Alltheniko, who were unable to participate in the festival due to health problems of one member. M49 had the task of opening the evening and they did so with great commitment, offering their pieces for a set of about 30 minutes with an excellent reception from the public. Next to take the stage are Eregion, a mixed band with elements from Turin, Novara and Vercelli. Heavy/power metal band Eregion is ready to enthrall fans once again with the release of their brand new single, “Ride Forth,” released last week. This highly anticipated track offers a potent blend of distinctive power metal tones, combined with the band's signature epic style, promising an enthralling musical journey. As a precursor to their next album out May 24th “Ride Forth” marks a definitive change in the band's sound, featuring more pronounced power metal elements. As a prelude to the album launch, Eregion appeared on stage with a renewed lineup, welcoming Dario Fontana as lead singer, Davide "Gengis" Gianforte as bassist and Katia Di Giulio on violin, injecting a renewed energy into the band's soundscape . Now it's Iron Jaws' turn, the band from Asti has been spreading the sound of high-voltage speed metal since 2006. With three albums under their belt (“Louder Is Not Enough”, 2010; “Guilty of Ignorance”, 2013; “Declaration of War”, 2021) they have been able to carve out a special niche for themselves in the underground, so much so that there are even some fans getting their logo tattooed! It was easy for them to win the hearts of the metalheads attending the Metal Works Fest because their direct and fast music works great both on record and live. High speed in full Exciter, Overkill and Metal Church style. The feeling, however, is that Iron Jaws can always do more and better, always remaining in the tradition of the genre they propose: the conditions are all there and the band sounds like a war machine, testifying to the growth carried out in recent years. Here comes the turn of the foreign guest, the Elvenpath who start their Italian minitour from Turin. The band was born in Frankfurt in 2002. The idea was to bring something new to the German music scene, made with heart, passion and that sounds damn power metal. The band immediately committed themselves, publishing 9 albums over the course of their activity (the latest being "Faith Through the Fire" released in June 2023): a busy live activity soon led them to play around the world. 'Europa alongside much better known groups such as Skyclad, Sabaton and Majesty. In recent times there has been no shortage of line-up problems that have undermined the band's balance, but now it seems that the right harmony has finally been found to seal this lasting union, The sound proposed by the group is a power metal strongly influenced by that heavy-epic school of Manowar and Iron Maiden. We are therefore faced with powerful guitar rides and battle choruses praising freedom and metal. On stage, Elvenpath revealed themselves to be a band with good technique and a great desire to play, their pieces were very catchy and involved the audience present. Headline of the evening were Torinesi Airborn, a Power Metal band born in 1995 led by their leader Alessio Perardi and also organizer of the Metal Works Fest. In almost thirty years of career, Airborn have released eight albums and a live CD+DVD. They have played around Europe and beyond, sharing the stage with great artists. They are a Power Metal band, in the classic meaning of the term. Their main influences come from the German bands of the genre that were born in the 80s and 90s: Gamma Ray, Heaven's Gate, Iron Savior and Running Wild above all. Furthermore, there is obviously a strong component of Judas Priest who, in turn, were inspirations for the aforementioned bands. The band gave us a set list with the best songs from their repertoire. The evening of May 1st was a notable success with a room full of metalheads. Thanks to the success of this event it will be repeated next year.
Friday, 10 May 2024


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