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IGNITE + ATTRITO + LEFTOVER + ROUND7HC il 29-01-2015 @ Sin Cioty (Negrar - Verona)

IGNITE (Orange County Hardcore - CA, USA)

Orange County's Ignite aren't another punk rock/hardcore band. They don't wear make up. They don't care about image. Ignite are rock band with hardcore roots, a rock band that supports a series of environmentally and socially conscious groups like Doctors Without Borders, Habitat For Humanity, Sea Shepherds, Project Blue Sea, and Earth First. Ignite have donated the proceeds from a series of seven inches, ten inches, and splits to these causes. They've released three albums, A Place Called Home (2000), Past Our Means (1996) and Call On My Brothers (1995), all of which enjoy a place in the hardcore canon. Our Darkest Days is their latest full-length, and first for Abacus Recordings.

+ Attrito


+ Round7hc

Data: 29.01.2015

Location: Sin City Live Club

Città: Verona

Ticket: 15,00 € + dp

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Verona-Box Office s.r.l, Via Pallone 12/a Verona

Ticket World S. r. l., Piazza Zinelli, 1 San Giovanni Lupatoto

Tabaccheria Gulli Davide, Via Centro 153 Verona

Music Play, Via Sorte 1 Centro Commerciale San Bonifacio

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Organizzatore: Poison For Souls